About Us

Aviation Training 2017 ltd grew from small beginnings, 1 small helicopter and an instructor! We now have a base in Tauranga with 4 helicopters and access to many other types.

A combination of the best tools and equipment with the greatest quality and experience of instruction has led to ATL being the go to for helicopter training related needs. Students come to us with zero hours flying in helicopters and are taught and mentored by an experienced A-Cat instructor!

ATL are based at Tauranga Airport- 240 Aerodrome Road AS1, Mt Maunganui 3116. Our hangar is sign written with “Adventure Helicopters” on all sides with plenty of free parking on site.

Shamus Howard

Shamus Howard

Shamus has been flying helicopters since the late 80’s where he begun in deer recovery operations. With over 11,000 hours and 30 years of experience flying helicopters in a multitude of different roles, Shamus is able to apply this vast experience to his teaching in many disciplines.

Shamus has a strong focus on practical and ‘real’ training, with the objective for all pilots from 0 hr to 10,000+hrs experience to finish a flight and come away a better and safer pilot.

Shamus has held Senior positions, A-Cat instructor and General Aviation Flight Examiner privileges since 1991.

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