Helicopter Trial Flights

Have you always dreamed of flying a helicopter?

With our ufly helicopter trial flights that dream can become a reality!

  • You get to take (assisted) control of your aircraft.
  • You’ll have an extremely experienced instructor guiding you, at every step so you can feel comfortable and test yourself if you want to.
  • You can use any flying time clocked up during the trial flight to contribute towards your license, if you choose to continue on and do more flight training.
  • No previous experience necessary,  we’ll guide you through step by step and you can do as much or as little as you wish.

Helicopter Trial Flights

Flying around Tauranga – with a birds eye view s an awesome experience.

From the comfort of your seat, you’ll enjoy unobstructed views of the Bay of Plenty and Tauranga Harbour, Matakana Island and the extinct volcano of the Mount “or Mauao”.

We can snap some photos of your experience, capture it on out GoPro or when you are not at the controls, can grab some photos yourself.

There really is no better place to fly.

What to expect:

  • A basic briefing about how helicopters fly.
  • About the helicopter, how to operate the controls, about the engine, instrumentation, and the numerous safety features.
  • A briefing on where you will be flying – requests for specific spots are welcome.
  • After your briefing… It’s time to get high – in the sky that is of course!

Next, you will go through the control systems and pre-flight, and start the helicopter up!

Helicopter Trial Flights

Your Trial Flight will include:

  • Effects of controls – pedals, cyclic and collective.
  • The effects (and fun) of Climbing, Descending and Turning.
  • Hovering and low-level manoeuvres.
  • Autorotation with engine off (if you want to experience what happens when the engine goes to idle).

Join us, for stunning views and an exciting taste of what helicopter flying is really like.
For more information call Ross on 027 957 3860