C Cat Helicopter Instructor Training

Learn to be a C Cat instructor for Helicopters.

Shamus Howard (A Cat) teaches pilots wishing to become instructors.

Theory includes B Cat standard level POF with detailed explanations and graphs etc. You will learn to teach helicopter flight students properly in an effective and interactive way.
Shamus Howard

Time Frame

Instructing can be part time – we can fit in with your schedule.


Benefits of training with Aviation Training

  • With over 30 years helicopter experience in the industry, you will learn a wide variety of real life skills.
  • Work opportunities within and outside of our training organisation, due to our reputation and contacts in the industry.
  • You will be under direct supervision of A and B Cats.
  • Sit in on briefings and learn interactively.
  • You won’t get lost in the system where it’s hard to find people to train you – consistently and to a high standard.
  • Good mentoring, so you are not left alone wondering what is next.
  • Discounted training flights in support of commercial ops.
  • IFR training at a lower cost in our Frasca CAA certified simulator.
  • Learn with active operational pilots on varied types of single and multi engine aircraft.


Instructor Techniques Course

  • Flying PPL Exercises
  • Low Flying
  • Autorotations
  • Advanced mountain flying courses.
  • No box ticking, learn to do it!
  • Operational sling training.
  • Frost work.
  • Night flying.
  • Flight and theory instructor skills.


C Cat Helicopter Instructor Training Prerequisites

CPL license holder (you don’t need to have IFR training)

Not many A Cat’s currently provide C Cat training, so make the most of this opportunity.

Call Shamus on – 027 242 7837 to discuss instructor training.