Q. How much does it cost?

A. The cost of training with us includes helicopter hire and all running expenses (fuel, maintenance, insurance, all required equipment), an experienced instructor, airways & landing fees and preflight lesson briefings so there are no hidden costs.

  • R22 $700+ GST per hour
  • R44 $1100+ GST per hour
  • B206 Jetranger $1750+ GST per hour
  • Hughes 500 D/E Model $2500+ GST per hour
  • AS350 B2 Squirrel $3200+ GST per hour
There is a minimum of 2 hours for any turbine ratings even if you’ve already done one. Flight training rates are cheaper and may not be reflective of the commercial charter rates for these aircraft, usually charged at a higher tariff.                                                                                                                                              

Q. How long does it take/what days can I fly?

A. We can have you up flying most days (Mon-Fri typically). For most people, the exams can be a hold up. Getting started on the theory early is a great idea! PPL licence typically takes 4 months.

Q. What are jobs like once I have my CPL/what job opportunities are there?

A. If you are willing to put in the hard work and move around the country for a job then there are opportunities for the right candidate. Upon completing your flight training with us we can provide references for job applications.

Q. When should I get my medical?

A. It depends on what licence you are wanting. If you want to do your CPL we recommend you getting your Class 1 first to ensure you can get it. Once your class 1 expires you can fly on your Class 2 until you are ready to sit your CPL flight test. If you are only wanting your PPL you can either get a class 2 or a DL9 medical. The DL9 medical is obtainable from your GP, whereas an aviation class 1 or 2 must be obtained from a. certified medical examiner.

Below is the application form for your medical.




Q. How do I do my Fit & Proper Person?

A. To get your licence you need to prove that you are a fit and and proper person. This is done by checking all your criminal and driving records and filling out the below form.


Q. How do I start the process of getting my licence?

A. Come in and see us for a trial flight and have a chat with us about what is involved in getting your licence.

Q. What theory do I have to do? What/how many exams are there?

A. There are 6 written PPL exams and 1 verbal exam. To get your CPL there is an additional 6 theory exams and an optional extra.

The PPL exams are: FRTO Flight Radiotelephony, Human Factors, Air Law (helicopter), Navigation and Flight Planning, Aircraft Technical Knowledge (helicopter), Meteorology, and Aviation Language Prof. (verbal)

CPL exams: Air Law (helicopter), Flight Navigation, Meteorology, Human Factors, General Aircraft Technical Knowledge (helicopter), Principles of Flight and Aircraft Performance, and Basic Turbine Knowledge (optional).    

Q. Are helicopters safe/how safe are they?

A. Helicopters are incredibly safe when flown within their limitations and flight envelopes. Personal decision making plays a huge part in aviation safety.

Q. Can I get a student loan?

A. Yes you can get student loan funding unfortunately its not something we offer.