Commercial Pilots License (CPL) Training

Aeroplane Commercial Pilots License (CPL) Training Tauranga

With this licence you can start working to gain a significant amount more flying experience.

This also means that you can fly for money.

Tauranga is a central hub and has access to alot of various airports where we will teach you the ins and outs of nearly every situation you will encounter throughout New Zealand. We pride ourselves in having Real World experience and we can fly across the country giving you experience in the North and South Island while you fly cross country.


The Commercial Pilots License requires a Class 1 medical examination. This is a step up from a Class 2 medical you need for your Private Pilots License. You need to have an ECG done to check your heart and you should do it right after you finish your Private Pilots License. If you know from the start that you want to fly commercially, you should get a Class 1 Medical as you start flight training to avoid any nasty surprises. We can assist in finding a Doctor near you who will conduct this examination, there is also a list on Doctors on the NZ Civil Aviation Authority website. The Doctor will then refer you to Specialists in your area to complete the medical.

The Lessons

When you start your training towards a Commercial Pilots License you are required to carry out solo cross-country time. It is possible to use these trips for friends who might like to share costs which will therefore keep your costs down. A lot of time is used for cross-country so make these hours count and plan trips all over New Zealand. We can help you achieve any size trip and make sure you are well planned and ready for your next adventure.


The hours that you flew for your Private Pilots License count towards your total flight time.To gain a Commercial Pilots License you need a minimum of 200 hours Total Flight Time which is divided into the following:

  • 100 hours Solo Flight Time – this includes the time you use for cross-countries when you are pilot in command (without an Instructor)
  • 30 hours Cross-Country Navigation Flight Time – planned cross-countries to destinations of a set distance from the aerodrome of departure and with a minimum number of take off and landings.
  • 10 hours Instrument Flight Time – your time used from your PPL may be cross-credited to make it less than 10 hours under the hood.


For your CPL there are 6 similar subjects to sit. They are at a higher level than PPL. These subjects are:

  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Air Technical Knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Principles of Flight
  • Law

Like the PPL exams these are mainly multi-choice with the pass mark of 70%

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Starter Packages For CPL Students – Modules of Hours

5 hour package:

Cross country rate is $205 plus GST per hour ($235.75 incl) if you book 5 hours ahead.

This is a saving of $258.75 over 5 hours.

You can also save further cost on our…

  • IFR in the Frasca Simulator rate dual is $190 per hour, you can legally log up to 20 hours IFR
  • Cross Country solo rate

Talk to us to learn more about our Reduced Hour CPL …

To find out more about our CPL flight training courses contact us below on:

Lawrence Robinson is in charge of our Fixed-Wing division and a Drone specialist at Aviation Training. Lawrence started off in South Africa, competing in Large Scale Aerobatics and winning multiple national titles, he has 22 years of model aircraft experience and pilot experience as follows:

  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating
  • B Category Instructor Rating
  • Aerobatic Instructor endorsement
  • Spinning & Night Instructor endorsement
  • Diploma of Aviation specialising in Instruction

Call Lawrence on 020 4024 0688

Commercial Pilots Licence Training