Training Schedule – What’s Involved In Getting Your PPL Aeroplane or Helicopter Licence

Eligibility Requirements For PPL Aeroplane or Helicopter

  • Pilot Private Licence (PPL) Medical Requirements
  • PPL Flight Time Experience (50 hours total)
  • Written Examination Credit (6 exams)
  • PPL Flight Test

Private Pilot Licence Written Examination Syllabus

  • Flight Radiotelephony
  • PPL Air Law (Aeroplane and Helicopter)
  • Navigation and Flight Planning
  • Meteorology
  • Human Factors
  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge
  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge (Aeroplane) OR
  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge (Helicopter)
  • Instrument Training Syllabus (optional with our simulator – 20 hours of fixed wing aeroplane training is transferrable to helicopter with our CAA certified simulator

Terrain and Weather Awareness

  • Stage I – Operating in a simulated confined space
  • Stage II – Operating in a confined space
  • Stage III – Crossing ridges, spurs, saddles or passes

Helicopter Mountainous Terrain Awareness Syllabus

  • Theory component 5 hours (helicopter)
  • Flight component – 5hours (helicopter)

Aeroplane and Helicopter, Day/Night, Cross-Country Navigation Syllabus

  • Stage I Elementary navigation exercises
  • Stage II Basic navigation exercises
  • Stage III Advanced navigation exercises
  • PPL cross-country demonstration of competence (day)
  • PPL cross-country navigation training (night)
  • PPL cross-country demonstration of competence (night)
  • PPL Cross-Country Demonstration of Competence Guide (day or night as applicable)

Aeroplane and Helicopter Issue Flight Test Syllabus

  • Aircraft, equipment and facilities required for the flight test
  • General knowledge test
  • Piloting technique test for aeroplanes OR
  • Piloting technique test for helicopters

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Author: Lawrence Robinson is in charge of our Fixed-Wing division and a Drone specialist at Aviation Training. Lawrence started off in South Africa, competing in Large Scale Aerobatics and winning multiple national titles, he has 22 years of model aircraft experience and pilot experience as follows:

  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating
  • B Category Instructor Rating
  • Aerobatic Instructor endorsement
  • Spinning & Night Instructor endorsement
  • Diploma of Aviation specialising in Instruction

Call Lawrence on 020 4024 0688