Multi Engine Helicopter Training

Multi Engine Twin Turbine Ground Course

Ground School Training


  • To provide the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve a Multi Engine aircraft type rating entitling the holder to legally operate a BO105 multi-engine turbine helicopter in New Zealand.



  • The training scheme comprises ground and flying requirements for a multi-engine helicopter in accordance with a part 141 certificated assessment method.



  • Graduates will be able to exercise the privileges provided for by CAANZ in New Zealand.


Entry requirement

To be eligible for entry to this programme, applicants must;

  • Hold a current Private Pilot Licence
  • Hold a current turbine rating credit
  • Be competent in spoken English to meet CAANZ requirements
  • Hold an Aviation Class 2 medical certificate
  • Meet the CAANZ ‘Fit & Proper Person’ status requirements


Unit Standards

  • There are no standards associated with this programme – all standards are as set out in NZCAA Advisory Circulars and as per part 141 assessment standards


Delivery mode type

  • Face-to-Face with Shamus Howard A Category instructor with Part 141 training certification.


Delivery Method

  • Ground school is classroom based supported by written course materials.
  • Practical flying is taught one to one as a sequence of practical flying exercises in the aircraft. Each flight includes a pre-flight briefing and post-flight de-briefing.


Assessment Method

  • Certified by A or B Category Flight Instructor



  • Total length and teaching –  1 and a half days



  • $1000 each for 4 people or more, $2500 per person individually


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