Ground Theory Classes

Ground courses for helicopter and aeroplane students.

Welcome to the Exam Preparation and Theory Classes hosted by Aviation Training Tauranga. These classes have been a huge success with no failures in over a year of running with our resident B-Cat Instructor, Lawrence Robinson.

Lawrence Robinson is an Aeroplane and Helicopter pilot with varied experience including:

– Multi-Engine Aeroplanes
– Single Engine Aeroplanes
– Seaplanes
– Agricultural spraying
– Flight Instruction
– Aerobatics
– Gyrocopters
– Microlights
– Drones
– Ground Theory

All classes are based on the Civil Aviation Syllabus and include in-depth explanation and preparation testing for your exams.

These lessons are all limited in space to promote individualized attention and the highest standard of learning possible.

Lessons are between 6 and 8 pm and are $30 per person for group sessions or $50 for one on one.

Telephone Lawrence on: 020 4024 0688