C Cat Instructor Training

Learn to be a C Category Flight Instructor for fixed-wing airplanes.

Becoming a Flight Instructor is a very interesting and rewarding path for a commercial pilot. New Zealand has some of the most interesting terrains in the world. New Zealand also incorporates one of the best flight training standards in the world and Kiwi-trained pilots are highly sort-after.

Flight Instructor

New Zealand and the World have a growing Aviation Sector and we are missing experienced instructors, as most pilots use Flight Instruction as a stepping-stone into the Airlines. This means that most Flight Schools will train you as an instructor within specific parameters because they know you will be leaving within 2 years.

Flight Instruction is fantastic and by Instructing you will gain a lot of valuable experience that can help you become an amazing airline pilot BUT…

Flight Instruction is not always a low-pay, boring and repetitive job as it has been generalized to be and at Aviation Training, we have brought together amazing pilots with varied experience to give you the best mentoring and fantastic training that will set you up as a career Flight Instructor, if you choose to stay and we hope you do.

Aviation Training has brought in, Lawrence Robinson – B Category Flight Instructor (A). Lawrence took Ross Dawson, Aviation Training’s CEO, through his PPL (A) and has created a reputation for being able to achieve great results with pilots, regardless of ability, through his teaching style and positive work ethic.

He has a very practical teaching style with his experience in the Flight Instruction, Aerobatics, Multi-Engine Aircraft, Crop-Dusting Aircraft, Seaplanes, Gyrocopters, Microlights and over 30 different type ratings.

How long will it take?

When you decide to become a Flight Instructor you are not only learning how to teach people how to fly. You are committing to being a Mentor, Teacher, and Encyclopedia of Aviation Information.

We don’t want you to just walk away as an Instructor but also a leader who can mentor people and create high-quality pilots out of people. As each person reacts differently to different situations you will need to have a slightly different approach to each student and when you see that, you’ll start seeing how no day is the same making Flight Instruction extremely rewarding.

This process takes about 3-6 months depending on your schedule and how many hours you can put in each week.


How much will this cost?

The cost varies quite significantly depending on the type of aircraft you use.

All your training at Aviation Training will be done on a Piper Warrior, which is similar to a Piper Cherokee only better.

If you have your own aircraft that you would like to use, we can accommodate you as Lawrence has over 30 different type ratings and can acquire one on your aircraft to suit your needs.


If you would like to find out more about the cost of the Flight Training towards your C-Category Instructor Rating,

Please contact Lawrence Robinson on:

Cell: 020 402 406 88
eMail: lawrence@thissideupaviation.com

Benefits of training with Lawrence Robinson

  • You can start instructing as soon as you have completed your flight test and get PAID. Any work available may be passed on to new C Cat students under direct supervision of the B Cat.
    This is a great way for you to get right into flight instruction under direct supervision and receive further mentoring as part of your work.
  • Sit in on briefings with our students and learn interactively, you will also get to give briefings under supervision as part of your training.
  • Mentoring,  you are not left to it, wondering what is next. We will guide you through every step.
  • Free flights whenever possible with instructors. For you to acquire experience in the instructional environment and gain knowledge for FREE.


Professional Instructor Techniques

  • You will create your own PPL Exercise briefings during the course so you can instruct anywhere.
  • Bush Flying and Low Flying, as an Instructor you need to have more experience than just Circuits at your local airfield
  • Mentor Training, how to teach a person how to be responsible and form good habits.
  • How to a better pilot

C Cat Training Prerequisites

All you need is:

Commercial Pilot License (you don’t need to have an IFR training)


Find Out More about becoming an Instructor

Talk to our B Cat Flight Instructor Lawrence Robinson on 020 4024 0688 to find out more