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Why Learn to Fly with Aviation Training

In New Zealand, the standard for flight training has always been your local aeroclub which was supported by generous instructor pilots and aircraft owners.

At Aviation Training, we are a group of full-time Career Instructors who have dedicated their lives to teaching you how to fly. You can be assured that you are getting experienced instructors with a lot of varied skills to give you the best instruction for all kinds of flying and career choices.

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Aviation Training understands that the standard has always been to fly with Aeroclubs and here are some great reasons.

Aviation Training offers a lot of great reasons to fly including:

  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • A Variety of Airplanes
  • Instructors with varying experience levels
  • Chief Flying Instructors who have chosen Instructing as a career

That setup has become less and less prevalent with more General Aviation Training companies sprouting up. The unfortunate byproduct of small General Aviation Training companies is a lot of instructors use them as stepping stones into the Airline Industry and your training is done by mostly inexperienced pilots.

Aviation Training offers more

We understand that the pilot does not only need basic understanding but also dependable and responsible mentors to give you assistance long after you have completed your license.

At Aviation Training we have a plethora of experience in a select team of professionals who are ready to take your flying skill from “good-enough-to-pass” to “experienced-beyond-your-years”.

Aviation Training’s Lawrence Robinson offers you the following airplane training:

Microlight Certification (RAANZ)

  • Lawrence Robinson has multiple years of Microlight experience, including Crop Dusting overseas which is unheard of in New Zealand and can offer you the best flight training possible.The Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand is a Civil Aviation Authority certified Aviation Recreation Organisation who are certified to award Microlight Pilot Certificates and Ratings.Our Pilot is rated to Senior Instructor level which means you can do all your training, exams and flight testing in-house.



Recreational Pilot License

  • The Recreational Pilot License was created to help pilots keep there licensing without the strict requirements for a Private Pilot License. This is the most cost effective way of getting into the air with a Standard Category Aircraft, at a fraction of the cost.The best part about the RPL is the reduced cost because of the DL9 Medical requirement. There are a few restrictions to the RPL which include the number of passengers and size of the aircraft.

Piper Cub


Private Pilot License

  • The Private Pilot License is the most popular choice when learning to fly as it is open to stepping up into the commercial pilot license. The Private Pilot License only requires a Class 2 Medical, but this allows you to fly with more passengers and much bigger aircraft. You can also attain a Night Rating and Instrument Rating with a Private Pilot License.

Commercial Pilot License

  • The Commercial Pilot License is the gateway to earning money as a pilot and every person who wants to get into the airline must move towards achieving a Commercial Pilot License.
    The CPL requires a Class 1 medical and if you know you want to fly commercially from the beginning then you may as well do this medical from the onset to avoid possible disappointment later on.
    The CPL allows you to be hired by a business and operate as a pilot on the line or grow your license further. You can achieve an Instructors Rating after the completion of your Commercial Pilot License.

Commercial Pilot License

Instructor Rating

  • Instructing in airplanes or helicopters can be a rewarding and exciting career path. There are a lot of pilots who use instructing to build hours. This can be a stepping stone on track to the airlines, but it requires dedication, skill, and people skills.
    Aviation Training can train you for your Instructor Rating and make sure that you adopt the right habits and methodology from the start.

Flight Instructor

Biennial Flight Reviews for Private Pilot License and Commercial Pilot License

  • All pilots are required to maintain competency once they achieve their license. We have experienced Instructors to review your license and keep you going.

Airline Transport Pilot License Exam Preparation

  • We have individualized tuition with our Experienced Instructors for the ATPL exam preparation. We have a large stock of exam prep material to help you pass the exam.

Basic Gas Turbine Exam Preparation

  • The team at Aviation Training all hold a credit for the BGT Exam. Our instructors know and what how to teach you, so that you will understand the basics and pass the exam. This is an individualized class but if you and your pilot friends are all looking at completing the BGT Exam, we can offer you a 1-day course which will get you ready.

Basic Gas Turbine

Instrument Rating Exam Preparation

Frasca IFR Simulator Training

Tail Dragger Ratings

  • A Tail-Dragger is an airplane which has a wheel on the tail end of the body instead of at the nose. This makes it more challenging to fly but will increase your piloting skill exponentially. Many pilots aspire to fly aerobatic aircraft which are mainly in the tail-dragger configuration.

Tail-Dragger Aerobatics

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