10 Hour Intro Pilot Flight Training Package – Course Module

$3,680.00 $3,105.00

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn to fly recreationally or professionally
  • Anyone who wants to try out flight training without the full commitment of a full PPL course all in one go
  • Anyone who wants to save $$ and not have to pay full rates for one-off lessons (you get free ground school briefings)

What do I save?

For a 5 hour package you’ll save $250 plus GST by buying 5 hours up front

For a 10 hour package you’ll save $500 plus GST by buying 10 hours up front


Aeroplane Training Package

10 hours of flight time with free briefing and debriefing included (you only pay for flight time).

Your PPL intro course will include:

  • Plane hire
  • Instructor hire
  • Fuel
  • Airport landing fees

Our instructors, (e.g. Lawrence) will take you through the principles of aerodynamics and how planes fly plus once you are in your aircraft:

  • taking off
  • landing
  • climbing and descending
  • stalls
  • one hour of free SIM training valued at $190

All flight time is loggable, so if you decide to book another package and go on to train further with us (or anyone else), you’ll have 10 hours of training in your log book.

We also teach helicopter pilot training, so you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to any of our instructors, fixed wing and helicopter,  to learn about all things flying.

Between us all, we have over 20,000 hours flying aircraft, so you’ll be surrounded by many pilots with a huge variety of experience.

This package is a great way to get started for a very reasonable investment, and see how you like it 🙂


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