C Cat Instructor Training

Learn to be a C Cat instructor for fixed wing aeroplanes (and Helicopter theory).

B Cat Lawrence Robinson teaches ground courses for pilots wishing to become instructors.

Theory includes B Cat standard level POF with detailed explanations and graphs etc. He teaches how to teach students properly in an effective interactive way.

Time Frame

Instructing can be part time – to fit in with your schedule.


Benefits of training with Lawrence

  • You can start instructing as soon as your have completed your flight test, any work available may be passed on to new C Cat students under direct supervision of the B Cat.
  • Sit in on briefing and learn interactively.
  • You won’t get lost in the system where it’s hard to find people to train you – consistently.
  • Good mentoring, so you are not left to it wondering what is next.
  • Free flights whenever possible with instructors.
  • IFR training at a lower cost in our Frasca CAA certified simulator.


Instructor Techniques Course

  • Flying PPL Exercises
  • Low Flying
  • Gyro Training
  • How to a better pilot

C Cat Training Prerequisites

CPL license holder (you don’t need to have IFR training)


Cost of C Cat Training

You can also pay reduced rates for IFR loggable SIM time at $150 rather than $190

Talk to B Cat instructor Lawrence Robinson on 020 4024 0688 to find out more



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